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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The legend of Buckhard

Buckhard belonged to a family of jugglers. He learnt the art from his father. There was never enough in the house to eat and be merry. On growing up Buckhard showed a desire to be a priest. His parents agreed. He joined an Abbey. As it was a pious one, so on Christmas our lady with baby Jesus in her lap descended on Earth to pay a visit to this Abbey. All the priests lined up to pay homage to the lady. In the last was Buckhard and being from a poor family he had nothing to offer. The priests too wanted

 to end the homage so that Buckhard could be avoided and thus saving the Abbey from humiliation. Anyway Buckhard's turn came. He was  ashamed of himself as he had nothing to offer. Mustering courage he took out some oranges from his pocket and tossing them in the air he showed his jugglery art. Baby Jesus was so much amused that he clapped with his tiny hands. On seeing the happiness of baby Jesus our lady held out her arms to allow Buckhard to carry baby Jesus in his arms for a few moments. 

Moral: We all have something to offer the Lord.

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