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Sunday, 27 November 2016

A sealed well.

Once a Saint asked for a loaf of bread from a rich landlord of an Indian village at the entrance of his home. The rich landlord was a renowned miser. He refused bluntly. The Saint did not took it to his heart and went away without saying a word. Next morning he reappeared asking for two loafs of bread. The landlord became furious and said a few harsh words to the Saint. 
The Saint smiled softly and said, ' Go to the backside of your house. You will find two wells in it. Seal one of them and from the other give water to the whole village. I will come back after one year, only then you shall open the sealed one.'

And saying these words the Saint went away, leaving the landlord wondering as there was no well in his backyard. The village was suffering from water scarcity and even the landlord had to fetch water from the neighbouring village. Anyway relying on the words of the Saint the landlord went to the backside of his house and was surprised to see two wells adjacent to each other. He ordered his servant to seal one well and convey to the whole village that they can get as much water as they want from the other well. The whole village was shocked at this sudden outburst of  generosity of the miser landlord. Hardpressed for water the villagers without further adieu started to come daily at the house of the landlord and fetched as much water as they needed. All of them puzzled at the mystery of the sealed well.
After one year the landlord felt very happy on seeing the Saint at his door. He touched his feet to seek blessings and invited the Saint in. The Saint swiftly went straight to the backyard and ordered him to open the sealed well. The landlord opened the sealed well with his bare hands not allowing any servant to help him. By then the whole village had gathered in the backyard. And everyone was aghast to see that the sealed well had dried up while the other well in service to mankind was full with water.
The miser landlord fell on the feet of the Saint as he had taught him a lesson on the power of giving.

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