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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Right Path

A monastery had fallen into disrepute because of nasty monks. They did not offer kindness or respect to anyone who came to their refuge. Slowly nobody turned up at the monastery for help. The monks felt bad. One of them suggested to visit the Budha for help. All of them agreed to this Noble idea. And on reaching to Budha they asked for a way to seek penance. The Budha already knew everything about the monastery. So instead of giving any advice he asked them what should be done? All the monks said in one breath that they should offer love, respect, solace, help and pray for anyone who visits them. The Budha smiled and said, ' See you always knew the right path. You did not have to seek me for the right path. Just ask the budha within you for guidance. Always remember Budha stays in you.' The monks understood the message and from then on always sought advice from Budha within themselves.

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